Tips for Styling Statement Jewelry + A Blogger Collab

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How to Style Statement Jewelry

How to Style Statement Jewelry

How to Style Statement Jewelry

Happy Thursday guys! Today’s outfit is a bit more special because I have partnered up with my blogging friend, Tanner, from The Life of a Womann! One of my favorite things about blogging has been all of the girls I have met. It is so much fun to work on projects with girls who are so like-minded and it helps me grow as a blogger so much- It’s awesome! We decided to pick out something and have it sent to each other to style… I love getting surprises in the mail! Coincidently, we both chose a statement accessory piece in the same color, blue! Tanner sent me the beaded necklace I am wearing in this post! How gorgeous is the color? If you’re a Poised Avenue regular, you know I adore this color! Jewelry is something I love to play with and style. Jewelry can really pull an entire look together and bring it to an entirely new level! The necklace Tanner sent isn’t something I would normally pick out for myself, but that’s what I absolutely love about doing blogger collabs!! It’s like a small fashion challenge and it forces me to go out of my comfort zone and try something new/ different. I had so much fun picking out this outfit… I hope you love it as much as I do! I really think the pants compliment the necklace so well. Orange is the complimentary color to blue, and these espadrille style wedges pair perfectly with the laid back, breezy feel of this look. Sometimes statement necklaces can be tricky to style. To help you out, I have included below a few of my favorite tips for styling statement necklaces below… check them out and let me know what you think! What is your favorite piece of statement jewelry?

Tips for Styling Statement Necklaces

  • Match the shape of your necklace to the shape of your neckline. For example, a deep V would look best with a long and narrow statement necklace such as a drop pendent. A more U shape neckline can be paired with a necklace that is more traditional in shape, such as the one I am wearing. I also love a high neck with a bib style necklace.
  • Keep your shirt simple if your necklace is more intricate. Remember, the necklace is the statement so your top doesn’t have to be.
  • Chambrays and button downs are great pairings to a statement necklace because the buttons give you room to play with the shape and size of the neckline!
  • A statement necklace doesn’t have to be big or bold. Sometimes the statement could be subtle. Try layering a few different size/ length necklaces for a totally new type of statement.
  • Pull a color from a pattern you’re wearing for your statement necklace (similar to the way my necklace matches the blue in my pants).
  • If you want to wear a statement necklace and other jewelry, keep it proportional. For example, if your necklace is large pair it with earrings that are as small as the smallest bead or stone in your necklace and be sure the beads/ stones in your necklace compliment the beads/ stones in your earrings (or other jewelry).
  • In the cold months, pair a sparkly statement necklace with a scarf. The peek through of gems is the perfect touch under all of your layers!

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I hope you try out a statement necklace for yourself! AND, if you haven’t already, go check out Tanner’s blog (like, right now) 😉 . You’ll love her style and her awesome make up skills!! Plus, you don’t want to miss what I gifted her!

A big thank you to Tanner for working with me on today’s post & I’ll talk to you all next week!


xx, Amanda



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