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Miss Molly wasn’t too impressed with the photo taking- Just look at that scared, cute little face! She cracks me up.





Hi girls!!

I don’t think you understand the excitement I have over this week’s post! If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably have seen me hint at this collaboration… and if you aren’t, what are you doing?! Go follow along right now! Anyway, ever since I had started my blog I have wanted to work together on a collab with another blogger. Then I found Morgan’s blog, and she had a link to contact her for blogger collabs and of course I reached out! I was so excited when she responded and we worked out something that we both thought would be so much fun for both us and our readers (and it was!). We decided to hand pick a fashion piece we loved to send to each other, explaining why we chose it and why we thought it would be an amazing addition to the other’s wardrobe. And if you don’t already know, Morgan sent me this beautiful wide brimmed wool hat! Nothing is more exciting than getting something sent to you in the mail, and I was even more excited when I opened my package to find this hat! It is so cute and the perfect transition piece for Fall. It’s definitely something I would awe over while shopping, but never buy for myself. I think that’s the best part of gift giving because it gives you the opportunity to try something you maybe wouldn’t if you were shopping for yourself. When I first tried on the hat, I immediately went to Pinterest to search “wide brim hat” to see how girls styled them. Does anyone else do this?! I do it all of the time haha. The last photo in this post was definitely inspired by Pinterest, I noticed that a lot of ladies wear these hats high and back on their head, showing their hair line- how chic! I don’t mean to sound like a broken record… but really, I loved working with Morgan and I love my new hat! I hope we can work again together in the future!!


What Morgan had to say about her pick: 

“I just adore your blog so much! You’re style is impeccable and so inspiring to me (someone who is often a little fearful of stepping outside the box!). I noticed that you wear hats frequently, which I love! I think they are such a great statement and really take an outfit to the next level. I have been eyeing this wool hat from Nordstrom, for a little while, and think that it will be the perfect transition piece for fall! I have been obsessed with rose and I just know that the color will be beautiful on you. I hope you love it, as much as I do!”


Thank you so much, Morgan! I agree, hats are a great statement piece and can totally add personality to a look! You definitely need to pick the hat up for yourself, too 🙂 .

Now, go check out what I chose to send to Morgan over on her blog, Timeless TasteYou’ll fall in love with her blog, I promise! Her soft, feminine style is just beautiful, and her blog is nothing far off. Plus, she shares her favorites in lifestyle and recipes. Her and her fiancé are in the process of building their home together as she documents it on her blog, I love reading those posts! While you’re at it, follow Morgan on Instagram (I know you want to!). Her IG photos are nothing less than her blog- soft, girly, and just gorgeous! I can’t wait to work with Morgan again! I hope you all love this collab post as much as I had fun writing it.


On another note, let’s talk about Summer to Fall transitional pieces. Many would consider Fall to be the season for fashion (one of the many reason’s Fall is my favorite season). With that said, there are so many fun, chic and fashionable fall trend pieces that you can pair with your Summer pieces for those days that aren’t too hot nor too cold. Take my outfit in this post for example, I paired one of my favorite summer staples, my denim jacket, with a wool hat and cool tones. Suede sandals also make for the perfect transitional shoe, in my opinion, because the suede screams Fall, but they’re still a sandal and will keep you cool during the warm days of August and September. It’s definitely all about finding the perfect balance. Don’t walk out of your house in shorts and Ugg boots, haha! That is just too drastic a difference in pieces and screams “confused”, not “transitional”! Let me know in the comments below what you like to wear in the months where Summer and Fall meet.

I’ve linked some suede sandals below. I will link my exact sandals here.

Sign off


August 22, 2016



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