Check out some of my favorite style & fashion tips below!

1. Cuff your sleeves at the smallest park of your waist, this highlights and draws the eyes to the smallest part of your waist.

2. Nude shoes, whether they are heels, sandals or flats, will always lengthen your legs because it creates a continuous leg line. Feel like your legs look stumpy in shorts and skirts? Try a nude shoe.

3. If you want to create the look of a longer neck/slimmer shoulders try a V-neck, it draws the eyes up and down instead of side to side and creates the illusion of length instead of width.

4. Buy skinny jeans that crop right above the ankle. This will slim the leg by showing off the tiniest part of your leg and create the illusion of longer legs. Never let your skinny jeans bunch at the bottom, it will make you look stumpy by adding volume to your ankles!

5. If you’re looking for a pair of flare jeans, get a pair that barely skim the floor when wearing them with your desired shoe. Don’t wear the same pair you’d wear with flats, with heels!

6. The thicker the straps on a top the thinner your shoulders and arms will appear, always make sure proportions are right when buying tanks.

7. Always mix tight with loose! A huge part of a good outfit is balance. Whether it is with color, texture or shape. Wearing skin tight bottoms? Opt for a baggier or oversized top. If you want to do baggy on top of baggy (think boyfriend jeans & chunky knit), make sure the sizes of the garments are correct (there is a thin line between oversized and frumpy), you don’t want to be swimming in clothes– I’d say don’t let your top go past the top of your bum and make sure your ankles and wrists are showing.

8. Mix prints! This is one of my favorite trends. When mixing prints, make sure the prints are in the same color family. I think that when mixing prints, it looks best to find prints that are different in size (think skinny stripes and big floral). However, you can mix small print with small print, just make sure the color schemes are similar!

9. Try not to pair bright or intense hues with black, it can look dated. If you’re looking to wear a bright hue, try pairing it with a nude or neutral.

10. Pointed toe shoes will always give the illusion of longer legs.