Fall 2016 Trend: Sock Booties

Sock Bootie Trend

Sock Booties

1. ($150) | 2. ($35) | 3. ($140) | 4. ($90) | 5. ($40) | 6. ($40) | 7. I’m a dummy & didn’t save these to my desktop- will link once I find them. For now, here is a similar pair. | 8. ($35)

If you haven’t seen these booties (which is unlikely, because they are everywhere this season), then let me introduce you to them… because they are so cute! Up until a few days ago, I would obsess over these booties on Instagram or Pinterest, but never know what to Google search to find a pair of my own (I always Google search- because there is often a cheap alternative to the shoes you see all over IG and Pinterest). Then, I was on Youtube and stumbled upon a styling video that just happened to feature a pair, and the name was discovered!! They are called sock booties (or the sock boot). A little weird, because when you type “sock booties” into a lot of search bars, what tends to pop up first is knitted baby booties… but, these do come up, too. Anyway, I love them!! I love them for dresses, I love them for skinny jeans, I love them for cropped flares (which you always want to pair with a shoe that slims your ankle to avoid looking stumpy since they do cut you wide high on your ankle). I think they are so chic! Above I have linked a few of my favorite pairs, ranging in price. I will link them above and list their price for your convenience. My absolute favorite of the eight above has to be the pair with gold accent on the heel, I mean how cute is that?! I need to get myself a pair, pronto. Let me know below which pair is your favorite and how you plan to style sock booties this fall!

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October 4, 2016
October 11, 2016



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