Oily FAQ’s

A collection of questions I have gotten about essential oils along with their answers. This list will continuously grow, so be sure to check back often!

Disclaimer: all answers are based on Young Living essential oils. Young Living is the only brand I trust to use and I can only speak to the benefits of their oils. Essential oils are NOT regulated and the label means nothing as far as purity standards go. Do your research and know exactly how the brand you use makes their essential oils. Want to know why I only trust Young Living? Read here


Q:  I would totally love to know which essential oils are recommended for what purpose. Due to anxiety and panic attacks i was recommended lavender essential oil alongside meditation and that has been life changing for me. Maybe it is my brain just associating the smell but ever since then my anxiety has been so much better.

A: Every essential oil is unique and can be used for something different and unique to it. Lavender oil is commonly called the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because it can seriously do it all. It’s great for skin, sleep, calmness, hair health, etc. It is so exciting to hear it has helped you with anxiety! There are so many great oils for anxiety. To list just a few, lavender, roman chamomile, bergamot, cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli, and sandalwood, are all great calming oils. However, one of my absolutely favorites for anxiety is Valor. Valor oil is a mix of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense and oh my gosh… it is so dreamy! I wear it on my wrists almost daily. It has helped me overcome one of the biggest public speaking projects I had in school and I’ll sniff it right out of the bottle when I feel anxiety come over me. It is said that the oils in valor may help balance the electrical energies in the body when inhaled and used topically due to it’s low frequency (read more about frequency in this post). Another great one for anxiety is Peace and Calming. Peace and Calming is another one of my favorites that brings a wave of calm over my body when I use it. It is a blend of tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy. It’s a favorite of mine to diffuse!


Q:  I would love to know some great quality oils/sets that won’t break the bank!

A: So, when it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for. I learned this the hard way when I spent about $20 on a kit via Amazon and later realized it was a huge waste of money because the oils did nothing for me (you can read more about my essential oils journey here). The best kit I can recommend is the Premium Starter Kit by Young Living. It is really the best bang for your buck because it’s filled with 11 oils, a diffuser, thieves cleaner, and Ningxia red packets (with a retail value of almost $400) for just $160. Plus, with a kit you’ll have access to Essential Rewards which means free product every month plus money back in the form of points you can use to redeem more free product. It also gives you a wholesale discount on every other purchase you make with Young Living. However, if you don’t feel comfortable buying an entire kit… there is a Basic Kit you can grab for $45 and it will also give you all of the member benefits!


Q: Are essential oils dangerous for pets? I have a cat and my boyfriend said to get rid of my lavender essential oil that I put in my diffuser because it was bad for my kitty. Is this true? If so, are there are any that aren’t harmful to pets? Thank you!!!

A: The reason some are weary about essential oils and animals is due to their understanding of cats’ and dogs’ metabolic system. Dogs, especially larger ones, have a more similar metabolic system to us humans. Our systems can tolerate essential oils pretty well. However, cats’ and some smaller dogs’ metabolic system differ due to their more carnivorous diet. This does not necessarily mean you can not use essential oils around your animals, but it’s important to pay special attention to their behavior. In my opinion, I would not be too worried about diffusing as long as your animal has room to roam and leave the room if he/ she is irritated by the diffused oil. If your animal seems to be acting normally while you diffuse, both in the moment and over time, I wouldn’t think twice about it. I diffuse all the time and my dog has had no issues. Many pet owners even use essential oils to calm their pet during thunder storms, fireworks, or even just before bed! You know your pet best so only you can make the best decision for him/ her! This post is a really great resource: https://lindseyelmore.com/safety-essential-oils-pets/?fbclid=IwAR1m6Ass8P_r18AiA557DIYJwiUmac7KEBXF1NQh_P2rZfxcCjqtx6H_lYs

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