Oily Disclaimers

My advice regarding essential oils are not intended to be understood as medical advice. I am not a health professional.

Learn to Love Your Labels: Get familiar with them and if there are usage instructions, try to follow them. Some oils are not safe for ingesting or may need a carrier oil to apply topically. When it comes to Young Living essential oils, each bottle will have a batch number and usage instructions… making this super easy.

Allergies: So, due to the distillation process, proteins (which usually cause allergic reactions) are generally absent from essential oils. But, to be safe, always patch test a new oil or consult your doctor before use if you are unsure.

Nut Allergies: Young Living blends can contain nut oils. Always read the label carefully and contact customer service if you are unsure. Some products containing coconut oil include: Awaken, Breath Again rollon, Deep Relief rollon, RutaVaLa rollon, Stress Away rollon, Tranquil rollon, Valor, Valor rollon, YL Oola Grow. Some products containing almond oil are: 3 Wise Men, Acceptance, Awaken, CelLite massage oil, Cinnamon lip balm, Dragon Time massage oil, Genisis hand and body lotion, Grapefruit lip balm, Hope, Into the Future, Kidscents lotion, Kidscents Tender Tush, and Lavender lip balm.

Oils and Meds: Most of the time it is perfectly safe to use essential oils while on medication, but in some instances essential oils may interfere with the medications. Always consult a doctor with questions before use.

Safety with Children: Most of the time essential oils are completely safe to use on children if properly diluted. Two great resources on the topic of oils and children include the books “Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child” by Valerie Worwood and “Gentle Babies” by Debora Rayburn. However, it is best practice to keep oils out of reach of children because they can sting eyes or mouths (like peppermint or clove) of used improperly by children. Always keep wintergreen away from children as wintergreen can not be ingested. Young Living puts child proof caps on any product containing wintergreen.

Citrus Oils: Citrus essential oils can be potent enough to dissolve certain plastics. They also can cause your skin to burn more easily if used topically before going outside.

Oils and Pregnancy: Many essential oils are great for pregnant women however, always do your research and consult your doctor. Always do what you are comfortable with!

Start Slowly: If you are new to essential oils, especially Young Living as they are more pure and potent than other brands, start slowly and let your body become accustom to them.

Storing your Oils: Keep oils out of direct sunlight and keep them in a cool place. The bottles they are in are a dark glass for a reason!

Medical Conditions: It is always a good idea to consult a doctor if you are beginning a new essential oil regime, especially if you have a medical condition, are taking medications, or have concerns about your health. Information I am sharing or you obtain from Young Living or it’s affiliates are not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.