My Personal Positivity Project: changes I’ve made to welcome happiness

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Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? I figured they’d fit in nicely with this post. Because there isn’t much that is more happy than fresh blooms. Agree?

It was at the beginning of April that I decided I wanted to work on my personal happiness and with that, gratitude, positivity, and bravery which I think go hand in hand with happiness. I began listening to self help and positivity project audiobooks on the way home from work every day. In fact, I have already finished three. They threw me head first into my happiness project, and I am forever thankful!

Let me start by saying, I was never really a negative person. I have always been happy. But, never made a conscious effort to seek happiness. I think there is a huge difference. Being aware of your feelings and enjoying every little moment makes life seem so much sweeter.

So what have I been working on to boost my positivity? It’s almost impossible to put into words because there have been so many parts to this journey, but I’ll try my best. Right before I began diving into audiobooks, I joined an amazing, uplifting group of women on my Young Living team. They have definitely played a huge part of all of this. Essential oils have become a part of my every day life and just like a rope tied around a finger, certain scents remind me to be humble, positive, and thankful every time I smell them. This journey has also inspired me to take time for myself, take more hot baths, take care of my skin and my body, and even pick up Yoga again. Within all of that is weaved a new perspective and a more conscious stream of thought.

I have come to the conclusion that negative and positive work side by side. There is never one with out the other. If there is a negative, there is a positive. And if there is a positive, there is a negative. Coming to this realization has pushed me to try to find the positive of every situation. Life is definitely what we make of it and I am choosing happiness!

I also have been putting faith in knowing that what I put into the universe will come to fruition. Ever wonder where the expression “good vibes” came from? If you look back at your middle school text book, you’ll be reminded of the scientific fact that everything has a vibration and a frequency… thanks Albert Einstein! Emotions have frequencies, thoughts have frequencies, even the foods we eat have frequencies. Have you ever noticed when you eat processed food you tend to feel tired, moody, and sluggish? But when you eat foods with higher frequencies, like fruits and veggies, you feel alive and energized? That’s frequency in action.

Those with consciousness, like us humans, have a higher frequency… but not all of us share the same frequency. Basically, the vibrations we put out into the world attract like-frequencies. Put out negativity and negativity is likely what you’ll get back (side note: if you’re interested in this I would highly recommend reading the book The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon as well as 29 Gifts by Cami Walker).

Thinking positive thoughts and verbalizing your goals helps bring them your way. Have you ever been in a slump and can’t help but think, “Yep. Of course this would happen to me… it’s just my luck.” when one bad thing happens after another? That’s because you were stuck in bad energy. Everyone will have troubles, but it’s the people who grasp it, handle it, and find the positive in it, that bounce back strong.

Even more? Every single essential oil has a frequency. Some swear by using high frequency oils every day to attract happiness to their life. It’s worth a shot… right?

Reading List:

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

29 Gifts by Cami Walker

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

See Frequency in Action HERE (I watched this video in one of my speech classes and it amazed me then and still does… have to share!)

This Blind Man Feels Color Through Frequencies, listen to him speak HERE.  

Retraining Your Brain to see the Positives, watch the video HERE

The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown HERE & Listening to Shame by Brené Brown HERE.

In what ways do you invite happiness into your life?

xx, Amanda



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