Monthly Young Living Business Report: July

Young Living Business Report

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share all about what went down in July working the best job ever. Okay, let’s get into it. Here’s a summary of my Young Living business in July.

PV: 192.75

Basically, this means I spent about $192.75 on product this month. I get super excited when it comes to my Essential Rewards order and want to try it all! I love getting new oils I haven’t tried yet so I can share what I think about them with my friends, family, and you guys. 

OGV: 1,183.75

This is the amount my team spent this month overall. 

RANK: star

To hit star, you need 500 OGV. I’m really excited to watch my team grow and eventually hit executive! Having the ranks helps me organize my growth rate and I love using them as goals each month!  

PAYCHECK: $210.24

This was one of my largest paychecks to date and I am so so proud to see it grow!! I love that this opportunity supports my oily habit, but I am so eager for the day it becomes even more than that! I am so grateful for the extra cash to spend on groceries, my car payment, or our utility bill. It gives us that little bit of wiggle room and it’s been amazing! 


I feel so incredibly blessed to have 13 awesome people on my team! I love watching my team grow and I feel so inspired to see how many people join us each month. I love that they are stepping into this oily journey with us! This month our team grew by 3 members. 

This month ended in the positives with a profit of $17.49. Even though it’s not a lot, I still got over $200 to spend on oils or whatever else I wanted… pretty cool if you ask me 🙂 

Ready to get started with oils yourself? Interested in the biz? Let me know if you have any questions by contacting me via chat in the bottom right corner, finding me on social media @poisedavenue, or emailing me! Check out this page, too.

Or, if you’ve heard enough and feel confident in jumping right in, click here.

xx, Amanda



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