Month Long Style Inspiration

Use the hashtag #PAMonthOfStyle to share your looks & play along on social media!

This style guide is based on the trends seen on the runways for the season. Try them out with me by screenshotting this page and referring to it every morning before getting dressed! Or, use it as a shopping guide this month as you stock up on some of your favorite trends. xx


January 1st: Wear something sparkly to celebrate the new year!

January 2nd: Add a touch of feather to your look for a totally couture look.

January 3rd: Double denim is back! Rock the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim).

January 4th: Wear a textured knit today. Maybe something with a unique stitch (think knitted balls, fringe, or stretched out knit).

January 5th: Add some fur to your look! Colored fur is hot this season, but if that intimidates you… stick to neutrals.

January 6thTake the office to the streets. Style a blazer with your favorite pair of jeans for a super chic look. Feeling even more inspired by this trend? Try it with slacks, too.

January 7thPolka dots are one of the hottest patterns this season. Add some to your look today! I love polka dotted tights… but you can rock polka dots anywhere, really. Polka dotted trousers or a polka dotted cross-body, anyone?

January 8th: Today, try rocking a sporty look. Tracksuits are great because they are both stylish and comfortable. Sherpa pullovers, tights, and running shoes are also great alternatives for a look thats totally on trend.

January 9thToday try faux leather leggings or a leather jacket! Don’t have those items in your closet? (Go out and add them to your wardrobe, right now!!) Try a leather bootie instead.

January 10thOne of winter’s hottest colors is turquoise. Add it to your look today.

January 11thShoulder pads are back & have been spotted on the runways! Go find those 80’s pieces hidden in your closet and rock one today.

January 12thBohemian scarf prints are in. Rock the print on a scarf or on something else… maybe a button down or purse.

January 13th: Leopard print is in! This print that is most often referred to as a neutral is so fun to play with! My favorite way to wear it? Leopard print shoes. I love it on a coat or clutch, too!

January 14th90’s checks are back. Especially when it comes to coats. Flannels and coats and blazers inspired by the flannel print is everywhere! Today, rock your favorite flannel or a coat with the same print.

January 15thCamel, sherpa, and sheepskin are definitely going to be seen a lot this season. Try adding these colors and textures to your look today.

January 16thGraphic, bright pink is another hot color this winter! Try adding a bright pink to your look today.

January 17thPuffer jackets are in. They’re not only chic, but super cozy and keep you nice & warm. Rock yours today… or go out and get one in a fun color (especially if you’ll be skiing… so chic).

January 18thBlack and blue paired together is one of the seasons hottest color combos. Not just any blue, though. A rich, royal, inky blue paired with true black. Try it today!

January 19th: