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Meet the Trend: 80’s Inspired

Okay, I am definitely an 80's girl at heart - 80's music is my jam, through and through. I can sing almost every 80's song out there... it speaks to my soul & 80's Madonna is totally my spirit animal.

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Welcome back! Today I am sharing my very first post in my newest category Meet the Trend 🙂 . If you missed my last post, Meet the Trend posts will introduce you to a new trend I am loving, where you can shop the trend, and how to style it. It was inspired by my 30 Day Style Trend – subscribe to be sent the opt in to receive it! But, with out further ado… let’s get into it! P.S. Yes,  I know I sipped #5… it was too late to fix it by the time I noticed it lol. Let’s pretend I can count. 


Introducing the Trend

So, you’ve probably heard time and again that the 80’s were the decade for terrible, over-the-top fashion statements. And while that is somewhat true, I have found myself being pulled towards the trends and they’re beginning to really grow on me. I am definitely an 80’s girl at heart – 80’s music is my jam, through and through. I can sing almost every 80’s song out there… it speaks to my soul & 80’s Madonna is totally my spirit animal.

Okay, enough of me, back to the trend… it’s fun, it’s grungy, it’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s so trendy. What can you expect? White pumps, white loafers, white boots… white shoes, really. And, I love them, especially for spring. Ripped denim jackets covered in custom patches. I’m sure you’ve seen these around by now. Mirrored sunnies. Graphic crew necks. Ruffles. Obi belts. Patent leather. Mini backpacks. One shoulder tops. Animal prints. Overalls. Leather mini skirts. Pegged jeans. Okay, if you don’t know what a pegged jean is, it’s a (somewhat) tightly rolled cuff on a boyfriend/girlfriend style jean. The jean is folded vertically against the leg, then rolled. It’s similar to folding a cuff, but it’s rolled and meant to bring in the hem to be tighter around the ankle. I’ll insert a few example images below.


Meet the Trend: 80's Inspired - Pegged Jeans

Meet the Trend: 80's Inspired - Pegged Jeans


I really think these trends from the 80’s are so fun to incorporate into today’s style. They pair so well. It makes for an outfit with the perfect mix of modern and 80’s flare.


How to Style the Trend

  • A pair of pegged jeans will look amazing with white, patent leather shoes.
  • Put an obi belt (a high wasted leather belt that ties in the front or back) with a ruffled dress – the perfect spring outfit.
  • A graphic sweatshirt would look amazing with a mini backpack and pegged jeans.
  • Throw on a patched ball cap for a fun twist on the patch trend.
  • Swap a pair of leather pumps for a pair of patent leather pumps in a pastel for spring or a neon for summer.
  • White loafers are both modern & 80’s, so trendy.
  • Denim on denim was also popular in the 80’s. A pair of pegged jeans and a patched/ distressed jean jacket are the perfect match.
  • Band tees and a distressed, oversize jean jacket screams 80’s yet cool girl chic. Throw on a pair of classic vans to finish the look.
  • Add a pop of animal print in your shoes or handbag.
  • Pair a band tee with a leather mini skirt and high top sneakers, top it with a jean jacket.
  • Pair a leather mini skirt with a lightweight sweater and pumps for a more girly take on the look.


Shop the Trend

What’s your favorite 80’s trend? How do you plan to style the trend this season?

xx, Amanda


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    April 18, 2017

    I love the rolled jeans look!!!