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My At Home Tanning Routine + Tips

At Home Tanning Routine

At Home Tanning RoutineHappy Monday! Thanks for stopping by 😉 . So, now that it’s fall and the sun is making less of an appearance (sort of?), it’s inevitable that our tans will slowly begin to fade. I’m never really that tan anyway #PaleLife, but I do like to try to have some color. In high school, I would lay out with tanning oil slathered all over me all summer long and I loved to have a fresh tan… but now-a-days, I try to take much better of my skin and rarely sit out in the sun. But with that said, having some color to my skin makes me feel so much more confident. My skin is so thin and pale… you literally see every flaw. So, adding some color really helps with the overall tone. But, I know when I first starting tanning at home, I definitely didn’t feel so confident about it. It seemed like my skin looked worse; super patchy and orange. Not cute. If you can relate, this post is for you! These products are tried and true, and I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t absolutely love them. Plus, my tips make for an effortless, beautiful at home tan! I seriously wouldn’t stray from them, they make this process so much easier.

Let’s Get Into My Tanning Routine

My tanning routine goes something like this: exfoliate, moisturize, tan. But, let me go into a bit more detail. I try to tan on the weekend. I have more time on the weekends, so it’s much easier to plan it sometime between Friday – Sunday. Before breaking out the tanning foam, I take a shower and while in the shower, I exfoliate with a body scrub, even if I already have a tan on. I pay extra attention to the areas around my elbows, knees, and ankles. If I shaved in the shower, I wait a few hours up to a day to put the tan on (read why in the tips below). If not, I go ahead and do it almost immediately after. But, before I ever rub the tanning foam on my skin, I cover my body in lotion from head to toe again paying close attention to the areas of my body that tend to be most dry. The lotion moisturizes your skin, acts as a buffer and helps the tanning foam really glide on smoothly. I try to avoid my feet for the most part, but rub over them with any excess foam I have on my tanning mit after doing my legs. Once I’ve done my entire body, I put on lose fitting pajamas and go to bed (I typically do this before bed). The next morning I will either hop in the shower to quickly rinse off, or just wait to shower the next night. If I didn’t shave initially, then I will shave in the second shower. After the shower, I apply lotion again to really lock in the moisture and tan. After that, I’m done (and glowing 😉 )! Through out the week, I’ll use an in shower tan lotion to keep my tan fresh. It’s easy to use and helps the tan stay even and long lasting.

At Home Tanning Routine

My Favorite At Home Tanning Tips

  • Always exfoliate before at home tanning! Exfoliating gets rid of all of the dead and dry skin, making for a soft and smooth surface to tan over. The smoother your skin, the better because the tanning foam sticks to dead or dry skin which is what causes patchiness.
  • Don’t shave before tanning. Shaving opens your pores, so if you tan after shaving you’ll end up with polka-dotted legs and it’s not the best look.
  • Always use lotion before tanning. Layering your tan over a layer of lotion is a surefire way to avoid streakiness or patchiness. The lotion acts as a buffer and helps the tanning foam glide on much more smoothly.
  • Always use a tanning mitt. If you don’t want orange hands, use a tanning mitt.
  • Only go over your hands and feet with whatever is left over on your tanning mitt. I never ever pump more tanning foam into my mitt before going over my hands or feet… it will lead to disaster. After tanning my legs, I go over my feet with whatever is left over on my mitt. I try to focus only on the smooth skin like the sides of my ankles or top of my feet. I don’t ever try to squeeze the stuff between my toes. I try to focus on the spots the sun would naturally darken. I do the same for my hands… only rubbing quickly over the tops, never on the palms or fingers. You can even add more lotion to these spots before tanning them if it makes gliding the mitt over them easier.
  • Choose a tanning lotion that is green based and no orange based. Your skin naturally becomes more olive toned when you are tanned by the sun, not orange. Choose a tanning product that is olive/ green based for the best results. I’ll share my favorites below!
  • Use a mirror to get your back side. Tanning your backside yourself can be tricky. But, I’ve found that with a mitt it’s a lot easier. Just turn and check yourself out in a mirror to see if you’ve missed any spots. If you have, go ask someone to fill in the spots you can’t reach! I used to always ask my sister to do this before I mastered it myself.
  • Use an in-shower gradual tanner between tan applications. To keep your tan fresh and looking good throughout the week, use a gradual tanner in the shower between applications. This helps the tan from becoming patchy and like I said, keeps it fresh. I’ve linked my favorite in-shower tanning lotion below. Because hot water softens your skin, rubbing yourself dry can potentially rub your fresh tan right off. Either gently rub or pat yourself dry instead. But, if you’re using the in shower tanning lotion I’ve linked below, you have to pat yourself dry after your shower… just pay attention to the directions for whatever product your using!
  • Moisturize after tanning. Moisturizing before tanning is important, but moisturizing after tanning is just as important! Keeping your skin moisturized is really the key to a great tan application at home! Plus, it prolongs the life of your tan.
  • Use a body scrub to get rid of unwanted streaks or marks in your tan. If you notice you have dark marks on your ankles or on your hands, use a body scrub to scrub the tan off of those areas and create a more streamline color.

My Favorite At Home Tanning Products

  • St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse: I’ve tried both the classic and the dark mousse, and the classic is by far my favorite one! The dark is best for darker skin tones, in my opinion. But, if you’re pale like me, the classic color is still pretty dark and is much easier to apply without streakiness. This stuff is olive tone also, so it gives such a natural and beautiful glow!
  • Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer: This stuff is awesome to keep your tan fresh! It’s even great used by itself. Read my full review here.

I hope this post was helpful to those who are both new to at home tanning & those who are experts! I really think perfecting your at home tanning skills is necessary if you want to keep a glow all year long. Going to the tanning beds is so bad for you (don’t do it!! I beg you), getting spray tans can get pricey, and if you don’t self-tan correctly you can end up looking muddy and orange.

Let me know if you’ve learned something new from this post or if you have any other tips, share them… I’d love to know what tricks you have up your sleeves! Thanks for stopping by! xx