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A Guest Post: Meet Jamie as she Launches her 1:1 Blog Consulting Services

Guest Post

Hello, lovely friends and readers of Poised Avenue, let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Jamie Beckham, and I am the creator of The Blonder Life: a Houston-based style blog.

If this is the first time you’re hearing from me, or about me, I would love if you took the time to get better acquainted with me and my brand. But, before you do that let’s dive into the real reason I’m here today!

I am so happy to introduce you all to #BlonderLifeBloggingBabes!

What is #BLBB? 1 on 1 blog consultations!

You can now book a 45-60 minute session with me to discuss any of your blogging questions, or struggles. We can talk about pitching brands, social media strategies, growing your blog traffic, etc. I have 4 different packages that I promise will have something to offer for anyone!

The blogging world is a fast growing one, and everyone is just trying to figure out how to grow their own brands. There are so many different strategies I was not implementing at the beginning and wish I had someone to guide me in the right direction! So, that’s where BLBB came into play! I love getting to encourage other bloggers and show them how to grow their blogs, and work with brands!

No matter what stage of blogging you’re at. Whether you’re just starting, or have been blogging for years there’s something you can learn from these 1:1 consultations. I am a big advocate of community over competition when it comes to blogging, and love to work with other like minded girls!

Packages + Pricing

Blogging Basics ($55) Perfect for bloggers just starting out, and wanting to learn more about social media promotion, working with brands and growing a loyal following

Let’s Get Pitching ($70) If you need more clarity on monetizing, and the process of how I find brands and contacts.

Social Butterfly ($45 – $70) Learn how to drive traffic to your blog from your social channels, and how to consistently grow.

Power Hour ($70) An hour dedicated to any questions you have regarding blogging (monetizing, pitching, social media, etc.)

Go ahead and head over to my consultation page to read what each package offers! I want this to be fun, and a way for you to get your Q’s answered! If you’ve been wanting to learn more about growing your traffic, gaining loyal readers, or standing out to brands book a consultation with me today!

I have had amazing feedback from my first round of clients, and am loving working with all of you!  (Read about their testimonials: BLBB Testimonials)

 My whole reason for offering these services is to help other bloggers realize their worth, and grow their brand! These 45-60 minute sessions are 100% interactive, and a chance for you and I to chat about your brand. Whether you have a specific question about Pinterest, or want an idea on how to pitch let me help you! Let’s have a fun conversation about blogging that will leave you feeling more confident than you thought possible!

If you have any questions about how consultations work I put together a FAQ, or you can ALWAYS shoot me an e-mail with questions or concerns (theblonderlife@gmail.com)

Thank you guys for letting me take over Poised Avenue for the day, and hope to hear from you soon!