Getting Started with your Essential Oils

The Best Decision you Will Ever Make for Yourself!

Young Living Essential Oils

Ready to get started with essential oils? If you found yourself on this page, the answer is probably yes. Well, yay! I am so excited to help you take the first step on this wellness journey of yours!

I preface this with a short story to hopefully give you something relatable to read, but if you’re ready to jump right in you could try Neem oil in india or order your kit… scroll to the headline “Follow these simple steps to sign up with a Premium Starter Kit” 🙂

If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for a way around using traditional medicine whenever possible. I don’t remember the last time I popped a Tylenol. Of course, there are times when traditional medicine is a must but, whenever I can use my essential oils to aid an ailment, I’d much rather go that route! Not only does it make me happy knowing I am able to make myself or my loved ones feel better using only all natural remedies, but it just makes my body feel so much better, too. There was a time in high school that I never felt well. I always had headaches and I was taking acetaminophen basically every single day. After a while, my stomach ached all day, every day and it was because I ended up giving myself stomach ulcers. It wasn’t fun! I told myself I would stop fixing my headaches with medicine and found something else. I would drink tea or water or take a hot shower instead. Really, since then, I haven’t reached for the medicine cabinet all that much.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I think a lot of people can find themselves in the same predicament. Maybe you want to take a leap into a more natural wellness lifestyle or maybe you just hate how many times you have to fix a headache or body ache with traditional pills. Maybe you want an easy, all natural way to ease the stress you carry day to day. Or something to help you get a more restful sleep but aren’t keen on sleeping pills. Heck, maybe you’re ready to ditch and switch all of the toxins in your home. Let me tell you, using oils and all natural products on my skin, in the shower, and even to clean my home, has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! If that’s you, you’re in the right spot!! It’s your lucky day, because I have the perfect thing for you… I seriously couldn’t recommend it more.

Essential Oils have Changed my Life

It was about a year or two ago that I first dabbled in the world of essential oils. I did my research and understood (somewhat) that I needed a pure essential oil to reap all of it’s benefits. However, little did I know just HOW much goes into creating a truly pure essential oil. It’s a science, really. From planting a seed, growing the plant in the right conditions, harvesting at the right time, to distilling the oil correctly at the right temperature… see what I mean? There is a lot that goes into getting exactly what you need from a plant to call it truly 100% therapeutic grade. But back then, I grabbed my essential oils off of Amazon and called it a day. I liked them, they smelt nice and I used them often… but they never impacted me in any special way. Eventually, they kind of trickled off of my radar and ended up sitting at the bottoms of my purses or in the drawers of my night stand.

That is, until I was reintroduced to them by a friend of mine. She would rave about how her oils have changed her life for the better. How she felt amazing after using them and how they had helped her deal with so many ailments. We got to talking about them and it wasn’t long until I realized, “okay, this is what I needed.” You see, all oils aren’t made the same way. They aren’t regulated. Meaning, any old company can slap on a label that reads “100% pure therapeutic grade” or “100% pure Frankincense” etc. when in reality, there is nothing in that bottle that is pure. On top of that, to get the benefits of an essential oil, it must be perfectly distilled. Distilling it incorrectly can disrupt it’s constituents. Let me break it down for you… for example, let’s take cypress essential oil, which has 280 known chemical constituents. If it is distilled for 20 hours you only get 20 of the 280 properties. If distilled for 26 hours you get none of the properties. The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get the full 280 properties. Most market cypress is distilled for 3.5 hours. If you want Cypress to do the job it is intended to do, you MUST get ALL 280 constituents, no more, no less. Most people just do not realize essential oils have chemical properties in them and in order to get the full benefit out of that particular oil it has to be grown, harvested, and distilled the correct way or the oil has no benefit to us. Crazy, right?

So, after diving head first into this oil research and understanding that Young Living is the only essential oil company to own their own farms and distill their own oils, I knew I had to try them. What was there to lose? After all, I’ve already tried others that didn’t work for me… so they wouldn’t be hard to beat!

Long story short, I am SO happy that I made that decision. Since getting my oils, there hasn’t been one day I haven’t reached for them. I can honestly say I feel the difference when I use these oils. I can’t share them enough. They have simplified my life in so many different ways… I will be forever grateful and amazed!

If You’re Thinking, “Hey! That’s me… I can Totally Relate!” You’ll Want to Keep Reading

It is SO easy to begin your journey with Young Living essential oils! Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be enrolled as a wholesale customer. That means, you get 24% off of your order for the rest of forever.

The best, and most economical way to start with Young Living, is by purchasing their Premium Starter Kit. This is the way I signed up and I am so glad that I did, which is why I recommend it this way to all of my friends, family, and readers! It sets you up with everything you need to begin an awesome oily arsenal. You’ll have an oil for basically everything with the 11 oils oils you get in the starter kit. You’ll receive 11 of the most popular YL oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Stress Away, Copaiba, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Raven, Panaway, Frankincense, Digize, and Thieves. Not only that, you’ll also get a beautiful diffuser, two servings of Young Living’s Ningxia (an amazing antioxidant packed drink), and a sample big enough to create an entire spray bottle of thieves cleaner. Plus, lots of info on every single oil they carry and more! And, once you grab your Premium Starter Kit, you’re considered a wholesale member. That means, you get 24% off every single order you make on Young Living from then on out… no limits!


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Follow these simple steps to sign up with a Premium Starter Kit

1. Visit this link. When you’re there, keep “member” checked. That is what gets you all of the awesome discounts, no strings attached. The option to sign up as a retail customer means you don’t get access to the starter kits and you won’t get any discounts. It doesn’t make as much sense to go that route, unless you just wanted one or two oils. But, I promise you’ll regret not becoming a member when you become obsessed and want allllll the oils!!

2. Once you’re signed up, go ahead and choose the starter kit you want! Like I mentioned before, I think the Premium Starter Kit is by far the best deal and you get the most bang for your buck! I like the Desert Mist Diffuser, but you can also choose the Dew Drop Diffuser with your kit.

3. Check out and wait patiently for your oils (the hardest part!) Shortly after you purchase, I’ll be sending you an email with everything you need to know. You’ll forever be able to reach out to me with any questions! It’s my favorite thing ever to help people get their oils!! I will personally make sure you’re added to the education Facebook groups (if you want to be, of course) and introduce you to our oily team… it’ll be awesome!

Okay, I’m Obsessed… How do I Restock?

I promise you, when you get your oils, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you go through them! I went through lavender and peppermint within a month. I loved them so much I was using them twice or more a day.

When it comes time to restock or try new oils, the best way to go is through Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER). With essential rewards, you get an automatic shipment every month that you get to customize (you even choose the day it processes/ ships). The minimum order is $50 BUT within the first three months, you get 10% back in everything you spend. Eventually, with each consecutive month, your earning rate goes up until you’re making 25% (!!!) back on every purchase. You can use what you make back to get free items AND YL rewards you with free stuff for being an ER member all the time. It’s pretty awesome and you don’t want to miss out on it if you’re planning to continue using oils (or any other all natural product YL carries).

If the $50 minimum scares you (it scared me at first) let me try to ease your mind a bit. How much do you spend on make up, body care, tooth paste, cleaning supplies, etc. every month at let’s say, Target? Probably about $50 right? Well, as you learn more about essential oils and YL’s all natural products… you’ll be ditching your old Target shopping habits and switching to Young Living’s products. For example, instead of buying my cleaner and toothpaste and face wash at Target this month, I bought those things from Young Living, spent the same amount of money I would have anyways, and made money back that I can use towards free product.

Do I have to Sell this Stuff as a Member?

Nope! There are absolutely no strings attached when you become a member… that’s why I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t! When you sign up as a member, your title is technically a “distributor” but that by no means you have to, it just means you have the ability to.

But can I Share with my Friends & Family?

You completely can! Actually, Young Living rewards you for doing so. Every time you share a kit with one of your friends or family and they buy a kit under you, you get a $50 thank you! If not, you can always send them my way and I’d be more than happy to help them out!! And, if you ever want to jump into this business with me (yay!) don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to get you situated and set you up with our team. This is such an amazing career opportunity (women have even retired their husbands doing it) and it’s such a fun, empowering group of women! P.S. Legally, I have to share this income report when discussing he business side of things so I’ve linked it here if you want to take a look.

Lot’s of good info right? I was just as overwhelmed with questions and excitement as you probably are when I first started. I’m 100% here for you though! Hop on live chat in the bottom right hand corner of this page, email me, or find me on social media @poisedavenue. These oils can seriously change your life & I’m so excited that you’re interested!!


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xx, Amanda