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Garlic Butter Veggie Orzo

Garlic Butter Veggie Orzo

Hey guys! Today I am sharing one of my ALL TIME favorite recipes. I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest the other week when I was looking for an easy dinner to make for my boyfriend and I. He is pretty picky in the way that he appreciates flavor and good food.. and he told me it was one of the best meals I’ve made. So, trust me when I say this is absolutely delicious. This dish is the first orzo dish I have ever made, but it’s easily now one of my favorite ingredients and really is the perfect pasta for a dish like this. It screams spring time with yummy asparagus and peas. Pair it with grilled chicken or salmon and YUM. My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it haha!

Garlic Butter Veggie Orzo

I don’t know about you, but asparagus is probably my favorite veggie. It can be prepared so many different ways and paired with so many dishes… it’s just perfect! It’s sort of like the veggie mascot of spring, too. Like, when asparagus is all over your grocery store… you know spring has really begun and is in full force! lol.

This recipe is seriously easy. It is so easy that even if you don’t cook, you can woo people with this recipe. If I haven’t convinced you enough yet, head over to Diet Hood, where I found the original recipe for this garlic butter veggie orzo dish. I added spinach and peas to mine because I personally love veggies and I thought they would add good flavor (I was right 😉 ). I also used almond milk in place of skim milk. Excuse my pretty lousy photographs of this dish… they really don’t show it in all it’s glory. I am still getting the hang of food photography. Mainly because during dinner time, the sun light is gone and using indoor lighting for photography is never really ideal. Click here for the original recipe and to drool over Katerina’s amazing photographs OR check out more of my recipes here. Bon Appetite!

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xx, Amanda