Date Ideas on a Budget (+ the easiest Valentine’s Day snack)

Valentine's Day // Date Night Ideas // Budget

Well ladies, Valentine’s Day is here! I love every holiday, Valentine’s day included. But, I usually don’t do too much to celebrate it. Not because I wouldn’t if I could… because we all know I would definitely go all out! But, it can get expensive to go out and celebrate. Shaun took me out for Valentine’s Day once to a restaurant that had a set 5 course meal (you only had a few options to choose from, like two different entrées or two different desserts) and although it was so special and amazingly delicious (and one of my favorite memories), man did they up charge us! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome to treat yourself or your loved one to something special every now-and-then (it can be crucial to a relationship!) but it’s also important to spend some good ol’ raw, cheap, quality time together.

This year, I want to be the one in charge of setting up a date and preparing everything. I don’t have loads to spend, and maybe you don’t either, so I wanted to put together a list of fun and budget friendly V-Day day date ideas. These ideas don’t take much planning, so they can be done by tonight! Or, if you’re like us, you’ll be celebrating this weekend.

Check them out below & let me know what you plan to do with your special someone to celebrate this year!

Valentine's Day // Date Night Ideas // Budget

Valentine's Day // Date Night Ideas // Budget

Go for a Hike

This is one of my favorite things to do with Shaun. We used to go on hikes all of the time, but haven’t in a while. We would take Molly to the mines and creek by our house, she loved it! It was always the perfect way to start the day and it gave us so much alone time to talk and just be present with each other. Being outdoors, away from cell towers, allows for an electronic-free-zone… the reason why this is such a great date idea!

Work on a Puzzle or Play a Game

Puzzles are relaxing, challenging, and fun. It gives you something to do while sipping a glass of wine enjoying your favorite TV show. But, if that’s not your thing… try a board game, they aren’t just for kids! I love board games. Who ever said some friendly competition was banned from dates anyway?

Paint Together

Either take a painting class or throw up a couple of easels in your living room! Paint some abstract art for your own walls, it will be unique to you and will be a reminder every day as you pass them in the hall how much fun you two had while painting them.

Set up a Personal Theatre

Bring the theatre to you by rounding up all of your pillows and blankets, turning off the lights, and setting out some seriously yummy snacks (see below). Rent the movie you two have been waiting forever to see or break out a few classics you know you’ll love! If movies aren’t your thing, nobody will judge you for watching 10 episodes of the latest binge-worthy TV show… promise!

 Go to a Local Play

Lots of cities have local theaters that host plays done by high school students or novice actors… they are always my favorite to go to! I’ve only ever been to a hand full, usually around the holidays, but there is something about them that just draw me in. They aren’t too expensive, either. Definitely a lot cheaper than

Go Roller or Ice Skating

Retro vibes all the way. Roller skating is cheap and so much fun! It’s definitely something I want to do with Shaun really soon (now all I have to do is think up a plan to get him to go…)

Go Bowling

Shaun and I love to go bowling! We take my sisters and have such a great time. Our local bowling alley always has special deals going on and it’s really cheap to play. We’ll grab some drinks or snacks at the bar and get to rollin’

Cook Dinner Together

What’s just as good as going out to dinner? Setting up dinner at home. Making dinner together can be so much fun! Set the table with candles and your fanciest of china, whip up a fancy cocktail or two and enjoy!

Create a Scrapbook

This idea is fun because it’s something different and gives you the opportunity to look back at and reflect on memories you two share.


Need even more ideas? Check out this list of 98 cheap date ideas by And Then we Saved.

Valentine's Day // Date Night Ideas // Budget

If you’re just looking for an easy (and pretty cheap) snack this love day, look no further! This popcorn mix is filled with salty sweet goodness.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3: 1) Collect your favorite ingredients. I used Skinny Pop popcorn, caramel filled m&ms, white chocolate (melted and drizzled over popcorn), heart shaped sprinkles, and mini marshmallows. 2) Pour all of your ingredients into a bowl. 3) Mix & enjoy!

Valentine's Day // Date Night Ideas // Budget

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day spent with ones you love the most! Sending hugs and lots of kisses your way! XOXO

xx, Amanda



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    Your boyfriend sounds amazing

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