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Meet Dixie, our Adopted Border Collie

Well, Shaun and I are now proud parents of the cutest little girl. She’s furry, spotted, and has the most innocent brown eyes. Her name is Dixie and she’s the prettiest little 3 (or 4) year old Border Collie. 

Here’s our story: 

For years we have talked about the day we could…

Monthly Favorites: November 2017

A&E Network’s Live PD
Police TV shows have always been a part of our weekly routine, but with Shaun weeks away from graduating from the academy, they are more prevalent than ever. Not just that, they are more meaningful than ever. By that I mean we watch them with new…

Monthly Favorites: October 2017

Hey guys! So this month I am introducing a new series to the blog… monthly favs!! So many bloggers share their monthly favorites and they are always my favorite posts to read, so I decided to join in on the fun! Each month I’ll share my favorite TV show,…