An Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour // Living with a Police Officer

Hey friends! This post is sort of last minute, and I planned to have my “happiness project” post up first… but here we are. I spent the morning cleaning the apartment and realized we’ve finally slowed down with the decor and furniture shopping around here. There are a few things we still want to grab (like an armchair — I’m thinking wood and cognac leather — for under the window) but for the most part, it’s complete. The weather was beautiful and the light coming in from the windows was just right so, I picked up my camera to give you a quick virtual tour.

Looking at this photo, I seriously can’t believe how far we’ve come since December! If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you may remember the photo I posted late December/ early January with this couch and my pair of grey slippers. That was all we had in the living room. I had so many ideas for what I wanted to turn the space into… I began with mid century modern vibes which have slowly morphed into modern farmhouse, with a twist. At least that’s how I see it! I like that it’s a mixture of both and I think it perfectly represents our personal styles… neutral and earthy with a pop of jewel-like colors. There is something peaceful to it, don’t ya think?

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour

Most of the decor is from Target and furniture from either Amazon or Ikea. We actually were able to keep things pretty affordable, I think finding a good deal that satisfies what you’re looking for is 80% of the fun (the other 20% comes from the excitement of seeing it all come together). I like to think one of my talents is the ability to look expensive (or at least put together) without spending a fortune.

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour

This wall hang is from Target. I wanted a macrame piece so badly for the wall by the window but boy, they are pricey! I grabbed this sort of (?) macrame piece for under $30 and at first I hated it on the wall but, it has slowly grown on me and the color is perfect, so I left it. I’m still thinking I may trade it for something else. Maybe one of those night sky star maps, I love those things! I think it would be awesome to have one for Shaun’s first night on patrol.

Apartment Tour

This may be one of my favorite little corners of the living room. My favorite plant, favorite planter, favorite diffuser, and favorite photo of Shaun and I. Here I was diffusing lavender, lemon, and peppermint. The three power house oils for allergies (because I need it) but also makes the house smell so amazingly fresh and clean.

Something else that makes the apartment smell ridiculously good? Thieves cleaner!! It’s literally the best all purpose cleaner I have ever tried, it’s completely 100% natural, can be used on practically any and all things, and it smells amazing. The reusable brown glass bottle looks pretty on your shelf, too. Mmm, I can just smell it now.

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour

Dixie’s spot in the house, her teepee. We had a lot of empty space on one side of the couch. I really wanted a full length, beautiful glass mirror to lean against the wall there but then, Dixie came along. It then became the place we put her food and water bowls as well as her bed. But, the wall remained empty and boring. It bothered me for so long until I saw a dog teepee on Instagram and a little light bulb went off in my head. I ran over to Target after scouring the web and picked this one up on sale. It’s a child’s tent, although they also make teepees specifically for dogs at Petco, etc. It fills the space nicely and is sort of like a decor piece in itself.

Apartment Tour

Apartment Tour

These kitchen chairs and the couch were the first things we bought for the apartment. I remember being in the furniture store, Shaun told me to pick out one of any of the barstools they had out while he went off to get coffee, use the restroom, or watch the game on the TV’s in the display room (who really knows what he was doing) and I could hardly contain my excitement. I fell in love with these black stools almost instantly and then aimlessly waited for him to come back to show him what I found. On move in day they were delivered and to see them against the counter, looking just as good as I remembered them to be, was even more exciting. I love them!

Our bedroom, Shaun had more say in. He wanted something that wasn’t too feminine but still cohesive with the rest of the apartment. I was up to the challenge! We took his old black-out curtains from his bedroom at his parent’s house and they went perfectly. He needs them to sleep after shifts because often times it’s still morning or day light when he gets home. They are from Target and I believe they still carry them. They work fine but could be better, in my opinion. Although they are much better than the black-out curtains we bought from Amazon prior. I wanted a large frame to go over the bed and Shaun had bought posters he wanted me to use in the apartment, so up went the police themed movie trailer, ha! Don’t ask me exactly what movie it is… I’m not even sure. Another request Shaun had was to add more plaid. “No biggie, plaid is totally in right now”, I thought, yet couldn’t find something plaid for the life of me. Finally, one day strolling the aisles of Target, I just happened upon this blanket, plaid and exactly the colors of our home, on sale for under $10. Obviously, it now is my favorite blanket in the house.

The porch was the last thing to be complete. In the beginning, it was Dixie’s bathroom. Gross, right? We constantly were having to hose it down. I love being outside and I wanted so badly a place to sit on days when the sun was shining (or rainy days, even). Just recently, Dixie and I have fallen into a schedule of eating and then headed down to the front of the apartment to do her business, morning and night. So, I had the opportunity to add more to the patio and not have to worry about it being covered in you know what *eye roll*. It’s my favorite space to sit at night with a glass of wine or the morning with a cup of coffee. It’s also Dixie’s favorite spot to sit and people watch. She howls at the sirens that go by and whines when she can’t bark at the children swimming below, ha. We love it!

The kitchen. Another of my favorite spaces. I love to cook and I feel so grateful to have my own kitchen to do it. There isn’t much to show here, because I still have some changes I want to make (like adding a spice rack above the oven). Above the sink I have my wooden cutting board, an idea I took from the model apartment we toured before renting. To it’s left, my succulent once lived… but looks rather sad now-a-days. And to it’s right, my Young Living dish soap… so good!

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for you! I love taking a peek into other’s homes and am kind of obsessed with following home decor accounts on Instagram… so this was a fun post to photograph for! I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next post! xo

xx, Amanda



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    November 12, 2018

    I want your apartment.

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    Tiffany M

    May 20, 2018

    Your house is so pretty! Makes me wish my kids would let me have nice things. 😂

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      May 20, 2018

      haha! Thanks Tiffany!!


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