Meet the Creator & Author of Poised Avenue, Amanda Strong

About Amanda | Poised Avenue

Meet Amanda, the creator and editor of Poised Avenue, a lifestyle and wellness blog.

Amanda started Poised Avenue in 2016 as a fashion blog after her love of writing and clothing clashed. And, while you’ll still find a few fashion forward posts if you search hard enough, Poised Avenue was rebranded in 2019 as a wellness and lifestyle blog. Amanda believes balanced living is life’s harmonious tune and it’s a tune she’s quite fond of. Through her articles, you’ll find her passion for natural, healthy living but also her love for a good donut (or the like)… because you can have both, right? She is a girlfriend of eight years to a police man and a new dog mom to their adopted border collie, Dixie (read her adoption story here).

We hope you find something of value here at Poised Avenue and want to thank you for being a loyal reader!

A Letter to my followers, 

Hey! Amanda here.

I want to personally thank you for being such an amazing support of Poised Avenue, as it couldn’t exist with out you. I hope my blog inspires you to change your perspective on health and wellness as well as motivate you to find balance within your own life. While I love creating content and writing for Poised Avenue, I love even more the ability to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. Here at Poised Avenue, you’ll find some of my favorite things in wellness, food, clean beauty, and a bit of my personal style. I hope you stay a while!

Let’s Get Personal

Location: Southern California. Yes, Mexican food is really the greatest here, no, Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, and Disneyland is definitely the happiest place on earth.

Collect: Starbucks You Are Here mugs (recently rebranded as the Been There mugs)

Must have: Caffeine in the mornings… coffee or tea, no discrimination here!

Current read: Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

Drink of Choice: Wine, definitely wine. OH, and sparkling water

Loves: Family time, road trips, essential oils, new foods, puppies, large wine glasses, blogging, good music, and coffee

Favorite Dessert: Key lime pie… yum.

Music of choice: classic rock, dixieland jazz, and country hits

Magazine of Choice: The Magnolia Journal by Joanna Gaines

Favorite Clothing Item: Jean Jacket… every girl needs one!

Poised Avenue was founded on January 13, 2016